Waiting for…

houseSome times there’re nothing to say.
Words don’t seem to matter.
What does a house think off
when it’s standing there?

Reaching for the sky.
The sun and the heaven.
Fire and ice.



  1. Thank you for the mention! I would appreciate if you could maybe change the link for mine to my current blog at eatsleepinspire.com because Irecently moved from a .wordpress.com website to a .com. Thank you!


    1. You’re welcome!
      I just used the link on the WPC-page and I don’t think it matters at all if the word “wordpress” is in the link. Both adresses leads to that post.
      It’s good to let go of the “wordpress”, isn’t it? XD


      1. Oh! You did delete the old one! Didn’t you keep it for a while to redirect your visitors to the new one? I mean, since it was the old link adress on the post “Contrast” there might be quite a few who would want to visit you linking from there


      2. I did keep it for a bit, however I didn’t have too many followers and I changed sites. Thanks!


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