Relic as in nostalgic?


… or maybe as in futuristic?


… or step back a little and just mix it together! Let the old stay alive in a more modern fashion.
Use the old church not only as a church, but also as a cafeteria, an art gallery, for conserts and other happenings.
Make it into a community where you can meet friends. Find peace. Find some meaning with … whatever!
In short – a place to belong, Through times.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic



      1. Here in the NL, every single Village has a gorgeous monumental church, some are just amazing and yes they are used on Sundays and the bells toll in a wonderful way. In the US, churches are closing and being sold as homes and to businesses…sad to many.


      2. Yes I agree! Churches, whether you believe in God or not, is a part of the cultural inheritance. For better or for worse.
        I thought US was very religious! Sometimes you can get that impression from movies, teveprograms etc.
        In a way US is “young” while Europe is “old”. Maybe that has to do with it? I know what you write about from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Old big church buildings and always open. Life kind of circulates around them. Literally and figuratively speaking.


      3. I know and although I am not religious, I am drawn to the community aspect. No, in the US much religion, especially in the urban cities is fading away. Middle America is still centered more around religion I think….


      4. I’m afraid it’s going that way here as well in a way – and on the other hand the Christianity seems to grow! I’ve heard.
        Oh! I don’t know!
        I have a relation with God, but most religion I don’t agree with. So much have been used for other than God-like purposes. Wars for example.
        But it’s good if good communities can grow and prosper.
        And I don’t like the “we are right and you are wrong”.


      5. This could have been a long interesting discussion about belief and religion, don’t you think? 😉
        But not here on the internet. Sorry!


  1. Härligt när något får flera syften! Fler kyrksalar borde utnyttjas till det då de ofta har potential m sina stora luftiga rum . (Finns en fin kyrka här i Gbg som också fungerar som öppen förskola, konferenslokal, till julbord mm som mitt förra jobb brukade utnyttja…)


    1. Det blir ju så mycket mer levande när man kan komma in i en kyrka i stort sett när som helst på dygnet. Att det alltid finns något!


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