Everywhere you see…

… you see lines and rows, squares and cubes. But where are all the zig-zags?
NAW! Whaddoy’know! Just above me head….


Weekly photo challenge: Zigzag



      1. I think it was on Facebook I saw a picture of 6-7 youngsters walking after one another in a row at a pavement, all of them looking down at their smartphones. It’s actually quite frightening!


      2. Sorry I’ve been so long with this comment! Time flies you know (and not necessary because you’re happy…)
        It’s a wonder that not more accidents occur


      3. No worries… we are all busy. When we were traveling and home this summer we couldn’t always get on the internet, so I know it is hard sometimes.
        Yes I too wonder how there are not more accidents as people only look down.


      4. I can’t excuse myself that I haven’t got internet access. But sometimes I just get so tired in my head. Lika can’t think properly, less write something. Due to the old burn-out probably. Seem never to be able to come over that to 100%


      5. We had a speaker at work and he said an author he knows escapes the house when brain freeze comes and just observes things around them and it sometimes sparks a new idea… With the immediate feedback of technology today I think we can also put too much pressure on ourselves to create quickly. Brains are old fashioned and sometimes just need think time and time to process. Take it easy!


      6. I know the thing about braine freeze. When there is too much information or noise och stimulants around me, I just go blank. Nature is good but just being left alone to my own thoughts is the best. In peace and quiet by myself.
        You take it easy!!!


      7. These awful colds. Mine always go to the muscles and joints and last for a looooooooong time. I hate it! I would rather sneeze and have sore throat et.cet than this stiffness, fatigue and pain in the body.


      8. That does not sound fun. I get that sometimes and my physiotherapist said cold/illness will often settle in your weak points. When I got most of my neck and back problems sorted it did help. My colds lately keep me awake at night and sometimes cause laryngitis 😦 Both not fun when you are a teacher.


      9. Yes thats true! And since I have fibromyalgia the whole body is involved. For the time being my worst parts are the lower back and all around the hips. But it streches all the way up to the neck and also down the legs.
        Hate it!


  1. Tackar! Var ju bara tvungen ha lite roligt med den också. Även om vanliga tegelväggar kan vara nog så fantastiska i sig själva.


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