Fray – or frizzy?


… or maybe just the beauty and fascination of nature.

I have a photo session booked tomorrow, and for that purpose I’ve borrowed a digital system camera.
It’s not a “big” work, just gonna take some portraits and a group photo, but nevertheless I really look forward to it.
It’s really funny to use that camera and I more and more long for one like this as my own.
And off course, after fetching the camera I just had to take a walk around the block – photographing!

One funny thing though! The sky is totally blue today.
We have had very much gray colors and rain lately.
And I make the sky orange….
Am I crazy, or am I – – – a photo painter… ???

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray



  1. I suspect genre doesn’t matter when the result is stunning and leaves an “impression.” Well done. 🙂

    Thank you for linking and sharing my own contribution this week. And interesting theme, to be sure.


  2. Bravo! You my dear are a Photo Painter and not crazy. This photo could easily grace the cover of an Isaac Asimov creation. Thank you for sharing and please keep on being a photo painter! :)We all appreciate your creative insight into reality.


    1. Me neither! Can’t wait to see what I’ll produce! HAHA!
      Don’t trust me at all!!!!!!!! I could be totally wrong, you know. O_o
      (There’s always too hard to choose.)


      1. Okay! Been having a couple of bad weeks.
        But have (slowly) started the work on printing some of the pictures. And there’s no “just” about that. Will take time and effort and – money…


      2. Ah! Me! XD
        No! I’ve borrowed a better camera than my own ’cause I’m about to do a shooting tomorrow. They need new pictures on their homepage since they’ve some new employees.


      3. I got rid of my old bike today (that procedure started with a flat tyre) and I’m pondering about walking to “work” from now on. It’s only 2 km (one-way) and I usually walk me and my bike home in the afternoons.

        BUT! I’ll have to carry the lap top and some other necessary items and that is tiring! Even in a backpack it is! I really understood that now with some food in the backpack – 1,7 km (one-way)
        But in the long term it would do me good

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      4. I am going to miss riding my bike everywhere SO MUCH! Yes please just try and do it. It’s very good exercise and feeling the wind in your hair is a good thing 🙂


      5. I’ll try to minimize my “must-have-things” as much as possible. The MacBook, the wallet, some fruit and the non-gluten piece of bread to the soup at lunch…
        Hmmm… might be doable…
        and only take the bike downtown when I actually need it – and all three locks. XD


      6. I remember! I made a comment on it! Ride it Ninna! Here in the states they use THICK chain and a padlock that the rider wears around his waist. Then they chain it through both wheels to the nearest and most immobile object.


      7. As I do! Well not around the waist. To cut through those two extra locks one ought to have a REALALY big and forceful pair of nippers. You don’t likely walk around with that kind of tools.
        But! Therefore a bicycle owner also have to chain them though some reliable immobile object. YESSSS!!


    1. Tack! Nej, det är ett dött träd som man låter stå kvar för att det är vackert ändå. Och så har man planterat, jag tror det var, klängrosor vid fötterna av det. Blir nog fascinerande så småningom.


      1. Det låter vackert. Jag har försökt med humle vid foten av mitt halvdöda körsbärsträd, men den torra sommaren har inte gett den växtkraft.


      2. Ja det behövs ju växtkraft också. Det är lummigt en bit upp längs stammen nu, men har inte växt upp mot grenarna än.


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