Just imagine!


– Hey! How are you?
– Just fine, thank you.
– Long time no seen! What are you doing nowadays?
– Mostly photographing. Had a shooting the other day. Just delivered the pictures.
– Nice! By the way…. Wanna join for a cup o’ coffee? I might have a job for you!
– Oh! Yes! Love to!

Weekly photo challenge: Dialogue 


    1. XD
      In this (not very clever but nevertheless) made up dialogue, there is actually one line of true truth. I very recently had a photo session and delivered the pictures yesterday. Only a “web-thing” though. No “real” photos. Not any artsy ones.

      And offcourse! This is a real city, and also the city where I live, sometimes take a stroll in and occasionally have a cup of coffee in one of the cafeterias.
      Hugs! ❤


      1. Thank you! If you’re referring to the pictorico theme, I’m not sure I can. I don’t know why your blog doesn’t show a gallery. Maybe because you’ve set it as a front page?
        I didn’t do anything in particular, just adding featured images to the posts and there it was, So check your settings! It’s supposed to be set on showing “posts” not on “front page”


      1. Haha, ja, jag fick det inte riktigt att gå ihop med grönskan, men tänkte att det kunde vara på våren.


      2. 🙂
        Det är ju vatten som rör sig i ån och då kan det skifta väldigt mycket. Också beroende på hur ljuset faller… sen har förstås jag joxat lite med bilden också. Hehe…


    1. Hehe! Nja! Det var tyvärr bara delen med att jag precis gjort klart ett fotouppdrag som var sann. (Man är väl författare i själ och hjärta O_o )
      Den där dan i alla fall! Men jag säger omedelbart ja om nån erbjuder fler fotouppdrag! Helt klart!


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