The cafeteria




  1. I like the photo a lot – but to be honest – I find that your signature felt like a watermark from the internet – and it kind of distracts us from enjoying the photo – at least for me – I like when photographers include their name to some photos – and it can even add art – but on this one it just seemed to distract (is this okay to say)


      1. actually when I cam back today it blended in a lot more – and had a mystical feel – so ha! I guess another reminder to how sometimes our first impression is not always the one that stays with us –
        have a great day 🙂 ❤


      2. I tried to make it blend in, with the letters in faded color and those colored curves around, but you might still be right the words were a little bit too obvious.
        It’s about balance!


  2. This is a very beautiful photo. I don’t know much about photography, photoshop, or anything of the like; but I still admire gorgeous work nonetheless. You’ve done a great job of blending colors almost seamlessly, they flow very well into one another. I like the addition of stars into the cafeteria; it is originally what drew me into the piece.

    I have to agree a bit with what Prior said, because while the first line of your watermark blends really well the second line stands out a bit more. It doesn’t really distract me from the overall feel the piece gives off, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents about it. It doesn’t look bad though!

    Thank you for sharing your work, it’s wonderful.


    1. Thank you for commenting!
      And I agree! Especially the word “com” is too obvious.
      I always have this ©name… on my pictures but only rarely this big and as a watermark.
      This cafeteria means a lot to me in more than one way, I spend my days here – not working in the actual cafeteria nor as a costumer – one could say I’m surrounded by the building here which in fact is a church. I work here, yes, but in another business.
      I love it here. The atmosphere is fantastic, which I tried to show. Hence the stars and the rounded items and the warm colors. And me. And God. Off course.


      1. It definitely is mainly the ‘.com’ part of the watermark. I believe the large watermark almost worked for you here, it just didn’t blend as well towards the end of it. My first glance at the photo made it seem like it was wall art, then I clicked the thumbnail and it expanded to where I could see what it actually way.

        Looking at this picture I can tell that it means a lot to you. It’s a profound portrait that speaks of strong feelings. I’m glad you shared that with all of us.


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