Not quite night…

aug2008evening in the month of august,
not quite day, and not quite night
but soon enough
soon an inky blackness…

the wind has gone to sleep
pines reflect in a watery mirror
calm, still and quiet

a lonely diver,
a solitary cry
a nippy emptiness




  1. W O N D E R F U L! your words were perfect and the photo had the going up to the left feel – the sky to the right and reflection to the right – such a a great composition.

    oh – and by the way – another word that came to mind for the post would have been “Dusk” – ha ha just kidding – but seriously – this is on of the best poems I have read all year on any blog. Really enjoyed it – nice job art-ninja.


    1. Oh gosh! You must be a bit crazy!
      My “bad poetry” is – in my own eyes – just bad poetry.
      But I shouldn’t laugh. You’re always writing so many nice things about my works, that makes me glad. I’m really happy about that.
      And I had this: dusk & dawn! (There I can laugh!)


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