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Home again – and cooking! A little of it anyway!

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Not only for Christmas…

I fancied something different for afternoon tea today, instead of a cake. Not that this treat is difficult to make. Not at all!

You need this for two servings:

2 medium sized apples – preferable those crisp, juicy, a bit tart apples.
Peel them and cut into about half an inch big pieces. (1 to 2 cm) Make some smaller and some a little bigger. Put the pieces in a pan and add water till just above the apple level.

A handfull of dried plums – without stones!
Cut them in small pieces and blend with the apple.

Add a big tablespoon of honey, about a teaspoon of grainedcinnamon, a pinch of grained clove (optional), a dash of fresh lemon juice and some zest of orange and lemon.

Cook until the apple pieces are almost done. Taste it to a balance between the sweetness, the tartness and the spices. Then take…

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  1. Hi my dear Ninna! I just looked for 5 minutes for our last email trail and it’s missing. I am getting WP alerts again and it is overwhelming me. I hope you still have it? Miss you, glad to see you here cooking again!


    1. Oh, things get lost sometimes! I have it, I’ll send you a mail.
      Everyone on wp have noticed you’re back again and is happy for you. And so am I.
      Well I’m not particularly busy with cooking. My back is killing me and I put the effort I have to get my flat in order again. And that takes time! No doubt!


      1. Yes I am back in the NL for now. Back to the USA on 1/5 to carry on. Godfried is very ill and I want to be here to help after surgery but I cannot. I am happy in the moment but I was wondering about your back and thats why I wanted to read the email. Happy New Year Dear one!


      2. I’ve read your posts, sorry I’m so bad in commenting on posts. That can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes.

        My back is stiff as a board, but I’ve read a lot about mold and sicknesses due to mold toxins and bacterias. Frightening reading. I’m so glad it didn’t became worse.
        But it makes sense though! Fibromyalgia + the influence of such toxins can do that. Even common viruses hit ones weakest points.
        Now I guess it’s mostly up two things: detox and time. For me and for my flat. The flat will probably be okay first.
        But I feel a bit more fit now, and that’s a good sign!

        I really wish for you, that 2015 will be a wonderful year and everything will come out for the best. For you and for Godfried!


      3. Yay !! I am in the Village for awhile. I will answer later today ! ⛄️⛄️⛄️


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