Spring in February

It just can’t be. Not here. Not even here in the south of Sweden by the west coast!
Sun. Blue sky. Almost no wind. Amazing! +8 degrees Celsius – and at least twice that in the sun.
The air was smooth and caressing against my face. It was like being in heaven!

I just had to go for a short walk at lunchtime. This spring feeling won’t last long. Tomorrow, it’s said from the weather forecast, but then it will be cloudy again and not so warm.
Turning around the corner and there it was. The moment of infinite beauty
One just have to cherish the moments of happiness.




    1. Thank you, Raewyn! Well! 33 is a little bit to hot. Not impossible, but would prefer not having to work then. At least not physically!
      But I would love 21! Perfect temperature. Warm, but not hot.

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  1. Beware the false spring for she is a false lover teasing buds into bloom that will wither on the icy breath of returning winter.

    There was some ‘spring like’ air here over the weekend but the snow cover kept our buds and bulbs from getting too excited. Winter lunches spent leaning up against a building, safe out of the wind and basking in the sunshine is indeed a gift. 🙂


  2. Ninna – this is so nice and really screams spring!!! I also linked this to a tweet because it just had that “spring is coming feeling”


    1. Thank you, Yvette! When you compliment what I do, it really means something! I know how wonderful things you do! AND have the energy to write very interesting text too.

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      1. you are awesome dear Ninna. And I am still trying to figure out the whole twitter world – but one thing I know is that I totally love it when folks share a good photo – and this one was tasty good with the lighting – waterway – and main tree that seemed to say – “here”


      2. When I turned around the corner of the house, and the “plaza” with the water slowly pacing forward, the sun glittering in everything, and it all seemed so .. so.. vibrant! And the light!!!!!!
        The picture doesn’t get credit to the light! It was just breath taking!
        I tried twitter a couple of years ago, but soon decided it was nothing for me. And I neglect my Facebook. Blogging is enough.
        Work takes time and I will prioritize doing something with my pictures instead of spending time with T & FB

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      3. you know Ninna – I really love how you said “Blogging is enough” because I said that exact thin when i was trying to use instagram – it was feeling forced and I realized that we are not out of the loop if we are not using every media outlet – but we become off if we force it thinking we “have” to – and then right then – my son’s friend whipped out his phone and took a shot to post on his insta-gram – and I realized that it was an outlet that not only worked for him – but also met different needs for a user.
        so your comment – (Blogging is enough) I add Blogging is more than enough. ha!

        good day


      4. Sometimes it is more than enough in a way! I wish I had time to read more of all those interesting and wonderful text out there in the cyberspace. But It’s impossible! Then I would have to spend my entire time on internet and that, it isn’t worth.
        Luckily I’m better now than when I was younger, to say “no” when things don’t feel right.
        And is it really that important to be in the media flow all the time? I don’t think so.
        I’m much rather in flow when writing or creating pictures. Or just sit quiet with myself and God

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      5. I agree – and it just takes balancing and letting God lead us – so we can be stewards of the time he has us down here…


  3. Instämmer och njuter av vädret och din vackra bild. Sol på snö är inte så vanligt nuförtiden så man får passa på att vara ute.


    1. Ack om man hade haft ett sommarland att sjappa till!
      Men strax över nollan och ingen snö och ingen HALKA är drägligt!
      Och så blir det lite ljusare för var dag.
      Ha det skönt i paradiset!

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