1. I also really like the sign – and it is pretty clever marketing – to have that formal iron swirl on the brick and this character – I am not a big sushi eater, but I wonder if there sushi is any good –

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    1. The sign is really obvious and eye catching. I’ve absolutely no idea if it tastes good. If any sushi tastes good for that matter. I prefer barbecued chicken wings. Or even better – something vegetarian.
      Bur we have a restaurant in town – at one of the bowling halls actually – that serves delicious chicken wings


      1. so BBQ chicken wings is a treat for you – how fun. WE have a local place that makes a variety of wings with the most unique flavors – from classic Buffalo style, to a garlic spice- to a unique BBQ – I bet you would like it – however, our bowling cafes are usually not the best food (IMHO)


      2. This place makes them the Buffalo style, and it is kind of nice place. I got the impression it was rather a restaurant/nightclub with bowling facilities then a bowling place with restaurant.
        We have another bowlingplace with a more simple cafeteria. Serves things like ordinary hamburgers, sausages and of course coffee and buns etc.
        Small town. I don’t know of any more than these two bowling places.

        In the town I lived in before, wich is larger, has a pretty large bowlinghall and a restaurant with very good food. And to that eas also connected the possibility to play pool, dart and… I’ve forgotten what else. Long time since bowling there.


      3. so that explains why they might have such awesome food – if it was a night club/rest first and then they went with the bowling – hm


      4. Something like that, I guess. But I don’t know. maybe they planned it that way, as some kind of “Image” and speciality.
        But it is downtown, in the midst of the city. And this town is stu… in some matters. Only goes for the summer-tourists… sailing, swimming, sunbathing at daytime, then drinking themselves silly at nights so they can’t find their way “home” ….
        (I’m making fun of this now, some are playing golf as well… and behaving… and go sailing)


      5. well guess what – what you just wrote reminds me of one of your awesome posts form last year – where you note the tourists and drinking – I can see the image in my mind…


      6. I remember the post, but am not sure what picture I used that time…
        I don’t even take photos for the time being…
        and I “hate” the latest update on iPhoto, can’t even easily connect to Photoshop any longer…


      7. Oh I did not even realize there was another update – and my pet peeve is the latest iTunes (still – I know this is old news – but seriously it has been bad for a while now) –


      8. iTunes too…. yeah… harder to find what you’re looking for. Like playlists…
        Somehow wordpress and iSomethings seem to look more and more alike, more mainstream. White, dull…
        And the new themes in wp looks more and more the same.


      9. hehe… I many times make up words, but more often when I write in Swedish of course. Can be handy sometimes…


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