I ponder…

–  You were supposed to be writing, weren’t you? And blogging!

– So why don’t you?
– ehh…
– You said you would be hardworking now, didn’t you?
– ohh…
– You said you would write regularly, every day. Like a clock!
– but…
– No “but”!
– you see..
– No no no! No excuses! Just explain why!
– I… I… turned everything off…
– turned OFF!!!
– yeahhhh…
– WHAT!!! Why???
– to let go of things… of the past…
– ???
– I’m just…
– yes?
– chillin’ out … for a while…

– For how long?
– don’t know… until I’m finished, I guess…
– Bu…

 … and will you shut up n0w, please!

– Okay! Okay!


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